What does a week do..?

What does a week do? Not much! Smoke is still gone and it hurts!

Pictures makes make me teary, as do the heartfelt condolences from friends and acquaintances and even those that I have never met. Cards from friends ignite another flood of tears. Getting the boys ready to leave for work in the morning evokes a: “Jack, Duke, Taz, Smoke – come let’s go!” Darn…no Smokey and more tears. This evening I prepared their food…I had prepared a 4th bowl, which was one too many. Heard a dog barking next door and my heart started racing ’cause it sounded just like Smoke. Beverley, Smoke is gone! Cheryl & Sammie’s Friends made a beautiful collage of Smoke that I am going to hang down at The Pit Stop, along with a memory box with his collar, dog bowl and a few other items. He is gone!

So, moving forward. Now, I get out of bed in the morning with more verve…’cause Smoke says I have to! I have incorporated more fun into the work that I/We (my assistants) do with the dogs at the shelter. Smoke always looked at the “fun side” of everything. Chica is thriving on this! as is Zeus, Brendan, Bridgette & Zeke. Pairing dogs that have the potential to play with each other is paramount! It is by far one of the most important social skills that a dog can develop – and develop is the operative word. It can be taught!

So, the days will come and go and so shall the sadness.  Smoke has been one of the great gifts in my life and I shall not let let that gift fade into the distance. He has had a profound effect on me. I want him to be with me every step of the way. By teaching the dogs that I work with to be joyous & playful, mischievous & engaging – I can have his legacy live on.

“I miss you my little man!”


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