Tribute to Smoke

Here he is, Smoke … took me a while to get this photo here:


A little history …  I spend my mornings volunteering at the local shelter, namely Sammie’ Friends/Nevada County Animal Shelter. My work there entails: assessing and monitoring, socializing and rehabilitating, liaising with the office staff and potential adopters, tracking canine behavior, etc. – it’s all about the dogs! Lotsa work.

I have those that help me. My Assistants are currently Don Cassavantes, Vicki Lake, Maureen Rumsey, Kris van Roo, David Rice, Kristin Nutting, Diana Virva, Diane Benton & Jon Nelson – without whom, I could not do my work. There is a Canine team too: Jack, Duke, Taz, Ziggy, Misha, Kali, Toby and Smoke. Sadly, we lost Smoke to a medical abnormality in 2013. As with my Assistants, I could not do what I do without my Canine team. Each of those dogs has a job that they deliver with skill and poise.

All of you make my load easier and I thank you for this. We all miss ya Smoke!