The Pit Stop/Canine Academy is dedicated to dogs

Aggression rehabilitation & Behavior modification.

I shall in the Spring of 2013 be adding basic obedience classes. I am a licensed dog trainer and use classical and operant conditioning, positive reinforcement, and respect and patience with the animals.


Areas of expertise include

dog-on-dog aggression

dog-on-people aggression

food & possession/resource aggression

pulling and lunging

 unwanted behaviors such as chewing, barking, resource guarding, etc.


It is difficult to have a fulfilling relationship with your dog, when he is growling and lunging, snarling and biting and just generally not being a nice animal. My goal is to make sure that you get to experience pleasant and peaceful interaction with your dog! All of the pictures that you see on this site are of dogs that I have worked with and or own….all came with their share of problems. Patience and consistency are the two most important attributes that one can possess in the rehabilitation of canines.

Traditional dog training classes do not effectively examine aggressive/fearful behavior, although it (training) does have a place in dog/human interaction. I do believe that unwanted behavior(s) need to be addressed separately from dog obedience classes. I recommend that all of my clients go to a basic obedience class at east once and preferably more than once. I shall be starting a basic obedience class in the Spring of 2013 – details coming soon’