How this works…this academy thing!


We have rehabilitation options and most protocols will differ for each dog. They are unique and require customized clinics – that is determined in the initial and subsequent consultations/evaluations.



So, there are a number of ways that we can work together with your dog at The Pit Stop/Canine Academy,  located in Northern California. (see contact page for location & contact information).



  • Consultation/evaluation: 1 – 2 hours of observation in your home in order for me observe the behaviors in question and provide a step-by-step protocols for forward progression and cessation of unwanted behaviours.
  • Day camp drop off for evaluation: behaviors differ from locale-to-locale (generalization). In this protocol, I am able to determine whether I can extinguish unwanted behaviors or not. Length of camp dependent on the individual animal and exhibited behaviours.
  • Boot Camp: minimum 2 weeks or longer at The Pit Stop/Canine Academy (my private rehabilitation facility). This is an in-depth camp that incorporates a progression of treatment that we can discuss. Protocols differ from dog to dog.
  • Phone consultations can be arranged.