Day 2…woke up this morning, closed my eyes and wanted the day to go away. As I lay there contemplating the day (that I wanted to go away) I wondered: “So, what would Smoke do”?

I imagined his brilliant eyes piercing into the back of my head, saying: “Mamma we got work to do, we got dogs that we need to go and help…let’s go!” He was always ready for the next adventure and with that, I popped out of bed.

I did my morning chores in house (feeding, watering, walking, etc) and also down at The Pit Stop, where I am rehabbing four other dogs. Then, I got ready to load up Jack, Duke & Taz (mind you, I am vary aware that there is no Smoke anymore) into the Dog Wagon-Bronco to do their daily work at Sammie’s Friends/Shelter. I found that I had (probably in my grief) left the ignition on in the Bronco the previous day. Battery dead!! I looked up at he sky and wanted to scream at whom-ever is seemingly running this messed-up show…up there. I stopped!

So, what would Smoke do?” (S,WWSD)  hmmm! Smoke, in his indomitable way would say: “New adventure Mamma, let’s go. The jumper cables are in the tool shop down at The Pit Stop…let’s go!” We got to Sammie’s…and we did our work!  It was a good day, a day without Smoke, but a day that was productive: helped Brenden with some pup issues, Ritchey with obedience, Bridette went for a walk with Sam…it was a good day. Smoke was in my heart & mind at all times: remember he would Run on Cue? I think I taught Brenden how to Run on Cue today! We shall have to test that tomorrow!

My heart hurts still and will for a while. I am so humbled by the out-pouring of love from friends…Thank you so much!

I miss you “my little man”.

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